New element tree component

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We’ve completely rewritten and revised the element tree in the left pane of the viewer. Improved performance, navigation, and (multi) selection features.

The previous implementation was based on an existing Javascript-library (fancytree), which had issues with performance, and was hard to add new features too. The new element tree component is written with React, and is completely integrated within our data model.


  • Overall better responsiveness and navigation

  • Improved performance of selection, expanding, collapsing, and toggling elements

  • You can use, CTRL and SHIFT to select multiple elements in the tree

  • The number of elements is shown within each node

  • The NL-SfB classification codes (if correctly assigned in the model) are now shown consistently everywhere in the viewer

Please note that selecting an element does not automatically expand and scroll in the tree (but it does highlight the parent node). You can now manually do this by clicking the “Scroll to selected element” icon.