Our BIM technology used for sale appartments

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For the first time our BIM viewer is used in the process of selling apartments. It is a project from BPD (large development company) for the project "Baken van Narva".

Baken van Narva is a very prestigeous development project in Amsterdam (Houthavens). The project development company is BPD, the largest in The Netherlands, with an annual turnover of nearly 2 billion Euro. 

As far as we know, it is the first time (at least in The Netherlands), that a professional 3D BImviewer is used in the selling process. And in this case it is our viewer. We are of course proud to be part of this state of the art development. 

The 3D technology offers the possibility to zoom in on a complete floor, a specific apartment or a room. Strong feature is that it is easy to add information to the model and show this information real time in the 'transparency mode'. For example to show what apatments have already been sold. Through the quick change (togle) between transparency and the full color model, i is easy to understand what the options are. All data is in fact made visuable. We use the same technology to show sensor-data. 

And of course the user is also given information on floorplans, price, etc. 

More information on the website of BPD (Dutch only): Nieuwbouw Houthaven Baken-van-Narva

Although the features in the viewer are also Dutch, we are sure you will understandf how it works. Otherwise, please ask for a demo account (contact@irp.nl) or go here.

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