Revisions: IRP visualizes differences of IFC files in 3D

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IRP presents new powerful 3D tool for visualizing the differences in geometry between versions of IFC-files. Especially when buildings are under development, new 3D models are regularly delivered. Then of course everyone involved wants to know what exactly has changed.

By loading the old and new ifc into BIMkeeper at the same time, we are now able to display those differences at a detailed level. Color coding indicates what has changed. Orange means a change has been made, green indicates that this is new and red shows what has disappeared. Of course you can also look at one of these categories. Or choose the type of elements you want to see (floors, doors, etc.).

This is a nice addition to the functionality we already had. New IFCs of a complex are automatically checked for differences with the previous versions. Because unique identifiers of elements are usually preserved during a revision, linked information is also linked directly in the new IFC.

So if information was linked to a heat pump, such as last inspection date, maintenance report, the manual and the like, that link is retained. Even if a mistake is made in the modeling (the heat pump gets a different/new unique ID), BIMkeeper will show in a list which documents have lost their link (orphan). In this way, revisions can be carried out without any consequences for the continuity of the management of a complex (building).

The picture shows an example of a building in Amsterdam, where we compared two ifcs with an intervening period of 3 months. Little remained the same, as you can see.

If you want to try it out for yourself, feel free to contact us (see, or go to and request a demo account. 

IRP bases all of its web development on the ISO 19650 standard for the development and full lifecycle of buildings. Formerly known as the BSI 1192-X. This standard has now been almost fully implemented in BIMkeeper.