Maintenance planning (LTMP) for portfolio now available

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IRP created in BIMkeeper a maintenance planning (LTMP) overview for the entire portfolio, per region or selection of complexes. And of course this is also supported in 3D. All work for the upcoming years is clearly displayed. Just check it out. 

A number of large French housing corporations asked IRP to display an overview of the long-term maintenance planning (LTMP) of the entire portfolio. This overview should make clear what maintenance needs to be performed over the next few years. The overview can be put together in multiple ways, for example: per complex, per region, but also in the NLSFB coding classification, which is widely used in the Netherlands. However, this particular example uses the Omniclass classification instead of NLSFB.

This functionality has been implemented into BIMkeeper, our online 3D Facility Management Solution.

Other functionalities that BIMkeeper offers for managing the LTMP include:

- Creating LTMPs by extracting information from IFCs, such as: quantities, area sizes, materials and more. This can be done from the IFC, but also from the 3D viewer;
- Effective overviews of LTMPs, including an easily customizable selection of complexes;
- Overviews of LTMPs in graphs and tables;
- Sorting overviews on regions, complexes and element codes;
- Delaying or expediting LTMP-Plans in order to keep the execution of them more manageable and clear. For example, A decision can be made if certain work needs to be conducted earlier or later if there’s “peaks” within certain years.

A demo has been created for this topic as well, which includes a manual that describes how all these functions can be used. The demo also includes a video, which demonstrates how this overview functionality works. In this demo-instance everyone can view and test the functionality:

More demo videos are available on their respective demo pages or through the official IRP YouTube channel:

For more information about this functionality IRP can be contacted at:

IRP bases all of its web development on the ISO 19650 standard for the development and full lifecycle of buildings. Formerly known as the BSI 1192-X. This standard has now been almost fully implemented in BIMkeeper.