From 3D to 2D and back & other visualisation improvements

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IRP made important improvements in BIMkeeper for the visualisation capabilities of our viewer, like the visualization of a building from above (2D), orthographic projection, and element outlines.

  • Enhanced camera modes: you can now toggle between perspective and orthographic projection mode (new). With orthographic projection, 3D perspective is disabled and all element dimensions in the visible view will be presented with the same size, regardless of the distance of the camera.
  • The wireframe mode has been updated, it now shows (more useful) outlines of all objects. This can be useful to more easily distuingish elements in the model, similar to CAD/BIM software like Autodesk Revit.
  • Viewing the building from top (2D) is now possible. This uses a combination of both the above mentioned orthographic camera and outlines. You can do this manually, or: right click a selection of elements or spaces/zones, and then select "Look from top".
  • If you select a space, it now selects the ground in 3D (without having to enable the Spaces mode)
  • From the 2D view, you can use the "navigator" to look directly inside the building in 3D, on a location designated by your mouse cursor.

Check the videos for a demonstration of the possibilities:

From 3D to 2D
Outlines and orthographic view

Or, try it yourself here: