Innovation: BIMLegal Information visible in 3D model

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The 3D model shows what legal information applies to the highlighted parking spots

Nice innovative and above all informative project done for BPD area development, in collaboration with the notary offices Hermans & Schuttevaer and Westport Notarissen: Legal information linked to the 3D BIM model. The aim is to make this information more transparent and understandable for buyers. The image shows that Legal information applies to the parking spaces, after a click on the parking space this information is shown in a popup (in short):

"The seller will realize parking spaces. The buyer is obliged to maintain these parking spaces and, if necessary, to renew them. If the buyer does not this, a fine will be payable. This obligation also applies to future owners.

For BPD it is an important next step in fully digitizing the sales process. More information can be found on the BPD site, and be sure to check out the informative video on this page. 

Of course we are proud to have been able to contribute to this. IRP will of course continue with innovative developments in the field of 3D visualisations and building management. More to follow soon. 

IRP bases all of its web development on the ISO 19650 standard for the development and full lifecycle of buildings. Formerly known as the BSI 1192-X. This standard has now been almost fully implemented in BIMkeeper.